and asleep i am your everything

but there’s a moment when distance is done, when we are one

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femininity is sooo intertwined w capitalism too like if you needed more proof that its not harmless. There are billion dollar industries built on making women feel like shit. And these companies are all owned by men. These men make money off us and then tell us we arent good enough so that they can make more money off us. 

you know that phrase “being a woman is expensive”? thats not an accident.

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Shel Silverstein can teach me a lot about love and relationships I guess.

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Some femmes are dominant and some butches are submissive. Some men have vaginas and some women have penises. Sometimes what you call a clit is called a dick by it’s owner, and sometimes a dick is really a clit. Some straight men want to be penetrated and some straight women want to do it. Sometimes people aren’t men or women at all and sometimes genitals aren’t a black and white issue. Sometimes people are different to you, and always, we need to accept this.

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let me be perfectly queer

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My Harry Potter sleeve in progress. Hogwarts took about 13 hours, Sirius took 7. More to come.

Okay so I need a Harry Potter sleeve I think.


one ain’t need a caption for this

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